Webinar Information

We hire medical transcriptionists to work from home!  Learn more through a free webinar. 

If you want to choose your own hours, have a business at home, find clients easily and make great money, this class will get you started.

Discover a step-by-step guide to what medical transcription is, including the many options open, such as working as a medical scribe or editor; medical transcription versus medical billing & coding; learning medical transcription simply and cost-effectively, and avoiding expensive and common mistakes.  You will learn everything you wanted to know about earning potential, computers & software, transcription equipment, electronic files, employees vs. subcontractors, growing your business throughout the U.S., how to get hands-on work experience, work for services and much more. Whether you’re just exploring possibilities or are already experienced, this class is for you! 

Your instructor has been a medical transcriptionist for more than 30 years, operates a large MT biz and has taught for many other programs.  You’ll enjoy her warmth, humor and practical advice. 

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Any questions?  Contact Deborah directly:  info@medtranscription.com