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Transcription Machines
Transcription is done through a software program in companion with a foot pedal. We do recommend using Windows PCs whenever possible as there aren’t many options available for Apple products. A couple of suggestions are Gear Player (Windows only) or the Mac & PC Transcription Kit (Mac compatible).

FileZilla FTP
Free FTP program to download and use.
Need help or want more info? Check out the FileZilla Wiki

Another popular FTP program. The Home Edition is for one user is $36.95, which includes their technical support and free upgrades for one year.

MT Stars
Hundreds of MTs ask questions, share their knowledge, and offer encouragement through online message boards. (Average of 300 messages posted per day.)
Word searching, dictionary databases, medical health centers, small-business, home-business, and university medical centers. Links to other medical transcription sites, health care resources, hospitals, HMO pages, medical centers, and physician sites. Free clip art, basic medical transcription and medical terminology skills page, medical reports templates.

AHDI Tips for Self-Employment

Kruse Acquisitions
Interested in buying or selling a transcription service? Check out Kruse Acquisitions!


Coalition for Medical Transcribing Professionals
Private Facebook page for MTs

Online Medical Dictionaries