Here are the basic medical transcription training materials you need to get started:

Medical terminology reference choices for students:

Recommended: Use the internet for research. Search engines such as Google are excellent and hard copy reference books aren’t necessary. An additional benefit to using the internet versus hard copy manuals is that you get access to more up to date information without having to constantly invest in updating your library.

2) If you would rather not use the internet, then purchase the following three books. Note: These reference books have not been updated since 2012. While fine for the purposes of the course, we highly encourage students to utilize internet search engines and credible online references whenever possible.

Saunders Pharmaceutical Word Book
by Drake and Drake
Published by W B Saunders

Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
Published by the F A Davis Company

Yearly online subscription also available at
(Free 30 day trial available)

Sloane’s Medical Word Book
A Spelling and Vocabulary Guide to Medical Transcription
Published by W B Saunders
(5th ed.)