Shirley R.

Dear Deborah, I am grateful to you for starting Tami in the medical transcription field. She has been employed for one year and has maintained a monthly accuracy rate of 99.7%. I hope to talk with you soon.

Lynette C.

Hi Deborah, My last day of work is Saturday, July 26, 2008. I intend to devote at least four hours a day to your program. I want to be finished in two months and work for a hospital just two miles away from me. I was a former court reporter and took many doctor witnesses on the stand. I will be in touch with you as I progress on the course subject by subject and tape by tape. I took your class back in October of last year, but due to the fact I was working full time and still producing transcripts for the Court of Appeals, I couldn’t devote much time to the course. But now it has my undivided attention.


Dear Anastasia, I did get the job. I am working for Thomas Transcription and in all honesty I think Dee was pretty shocked I was this well-prepared for an entry level MT job, as she was unfamiliar with Deborah’s course. I am out of QA now (blanks only) and am also working on a work-at-home job for the radiology dept. at the same hospital my husband works at. Thanks for following up!

Winona O.

I want to thank you for all your help, especially in the past couple of weeks. The excellent training I received from you made me confident enough to apply for this position, and your comments regarding [name of facility omitted], your hints about the equipment and proper attire for the interview were so very helpful. I think the interview went very well… I was able to choose part time or full time.


Dear Deborah: Here are the kudos I received this week! I also got a call from the Boss today and he said in appreciation of the good work, I am getting a $100.00 bonus with my next paycheck! I am so happy!


Hi Julie, I think you are asking good questions. I have only been an MT since last August. My girlfriend and I attended Deborah’s class at Pima Community College in Tucson as she was interested in working from home. To shorten the story, we both decided to take the course. I completed it in eight months, but it was a very diligent effort as there was a lot to learn. However, Deborah’s course is arranged very well, she and her staff offer all the support you will need, and you will learn all you need to know. Additionally, there is much information online. I have a whole list of disease and drug websites bookmarked to check spelling, etc. I was a CPA until my children were on their own at which time I decided to get out of the corporate rat race and do something else. Finances for me were not an issue and, since I did not have to work, I could concentrate on the MT work (it was definitely intense). I had no medical background (I have a graduate degree in applied economics), but I did not find that a detriment as the course work was pretty complete. …

Karen F.

Dear Deborah, Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into the A-Z course; it really shows! I really appreciate not only the thoroughness of the course, but also the fact that I could always call or email with my questions and get helpful answers. You were always so encouraging! I feel well-prepared to take on a medical transcription job after completing this course.

Florence C

Today, I accidentally came across your web site while searching through the Internet for medical terms I do not understand. I wished I had came across your web site earlier before I enrolled into another MT school. Three more lessons, I will be finished with my MT course. I still have not much confidence when transcribing the “operative report”. I am very impressed by your supportive commitments. I do wish I have enrolled with your service when choosing an institute that offer training as well as support when required. I know I need more practices before I have the full confidence to do a good job and it is hard to get a place that offers training. Thank you for your time and attention to the matter.

Lisa H.

Deborah: I am not sure if you remember me or not – I am Lisa H. I took your course about 15 years ago and worked for you too. You also helped me land an incredibly good job at Southwest College of Naturopathic Physicians. I have been thinking about doing some transcription again after a long hiatus. I have been a stay at home mom, enjoying traveling with my husband, etc. Two daughters in college and two weddings later (!) I am ready to transcribe again. I was wondering if you have any contacts in the Dallas area or any suggestions as to which route to go. I understand that around here they use a lot of agencies and it is really difficult to work for yourself. I have always trusted your opinion and am excited to see that you are still at it! Thanks in advance. Hope all is well with you and your family!