Jessica F.

I would like to tell you how much I appreciated your presentation yesterday. I can see that you have created quite a successful business for yourself and it is generous of you to share your experience and knowledge which may help many to accomplish the building of a business in medical transcription. The other women that I talked to after the workshop were impressed as well. We exchanged contact information with the hope that we might be supportive of one another.

[Name Confidential]

Thank you so much for your informative reply. Just prior to receiving your email, I sent an email to the office manager whom I deal with on a regular basis. I explained to her that the reason the hospital was getting such a lower rate, if indeed they were, was because they were probably using a company who farmed out the work and it was probably being done by a hourly worker overseas. I also went into great depth about all the “perk” services that I perform for them at no charge because the doctor was such a good client and the that the rate I charged was well in line with transcription prices in the area, the same explanation that I gave the “bookkeeper” when I spoke with him initially. She advised me that she was going to speak with him. She immediately called me back and apologized up and down for his call and proceeded to give me an explanation. Apparently, this “bookkeeper” is, in actuality, a CFO of the corporation that is taking over the doctors office, hospital, etc. and during the takeover stage, they have to account for and explain every penny they spend. He was …

Edita N.

“You absolutely know your business and the field, and I gained invaluable insights as to how it all functions in this electronic age.”

Donna A.

“I greatly appreciate all the help and encouragement I’ve received from you and Anastasia. When I just couldn’t get past certain words (or mumblings), you were always there to help me. That’s one reason I recommend your program so highly.” *Note: We hired Donna immediately upon completion of the program.

Brenda B.

I have some good news and some perhaps not so good news. I have just accepted a position with a national company… and I was able to be considered per the ability to pass some difficult testing in lieu of their usual requirement of five years of experience. The good news, then, is that my internship training with you prepared me to be able to do very well! The bad news is, of course, that I will need to return Dr. [name omitted] account to you. I feel sad about that in that it has been great working with him. He and his staff have been wonderful. I know, however, that this will be a great account for someone else to have.

Rachel R.

I completed your medical transcription program almost a year ago, and after taking a break I’m now starting my own business. My first potential client is a medium-sized practice; they use a old system with Micro or Mini-Micro tapes (I’m not sure which type) and are looking to change over to a new system (possibly digital or at least a better system but they don’t want to transfer tapes electronically – it would be a system where I’d drop off transcription and pick up tapes).

Elise K.

Well Debbie, I’m still at it 7 years later. Been a busy girl. These days I’m still doing acute care but my niche is op reports and have I been doing them by the gazillions. Heart transplants, craniotomies, etc. I love them… There’s a certain drive, determination and persistence that goes along with doing this job. Self discipline too. Have moved from Wyoming to Tennessee (weather is better and gosh is it beautiful here, a year and a half ago) and love it!! Been working for the same company now for about 4 years….Hope all is well with you. Think of you often and am grateful for all the help you provided. I am now at the point where jobs are coming to me……..thanks to all these years.

A. Thompson

Hello, I’m working on formatting my transcribed work (JOY) to submit to you soon. I spoke with someone today who transcribes locally. I explained my interest, asked her a few questions and she asked if I would work when she vacations!! She uses microtapes. Would I need a tape player that will accept my foot pedal? Whatever I need, I’ll get it!