Kim M.

Hi Deborah. I purchased your Transcription A-Z program about 12 years ago and have been working as a medical transcriptionist for the past 11 1/2 years. I referred my friend Debra to you and she just purchased your program on 06/28/10. She told me that you told her that if I e-mailed you about it, I would get a referral fee. Thank you!

Lynn P.

Good Morning Deborah, I attended your seminar at Lake Junior High last night and found it very interesting and informative. I am currently attending D______ County Technical College for Medical Transcription, and am really enjoying the courses. I’m in my second semester and will have completed 14 of the 39 credits necessary for my diploma when this semester ends. I was a bit surprised about not being able to get a job as an MT, without 2 years experience. I’m very anxious to start on my new career as a Medical Transcriptionist, but am now concerned about not being able to get a job for 2 years. I plan on working for at least another 10 years, but also know that I will not be able to get by for 2 years just on my pension. You had mentioned last night about certain training that you recommend and also about doing an internship with your company. I am very interested in getting information on what would be required to get an internship with your company. Thank you for your time.

Joan H.

Hi Debra, I just wanted to thank you for motivating me at an informational session you had at Delaware County Community College in Pennsylvania a couple of years ago. After the informational night, I purchased your course and worked on it for a long time in between my family’s and work schedules. I decided to retire this past June after 24 years doing the same job. I was hired at our local hospital in November as a part-time employee working for 2 doctors, who have 30 in-patients who come in for evaluation. I had very little trouble transcribing because of all the resources, books, etc. that were part of your course. Thanks again.

Isabelle S.

Dear Anastasia, I really enjoyed working for Deborah’s Agency. I need to go ahead and terminate the contract at this point, as I am just working so much with the other agency that I am also with. They have just added another client to my main work source. I am frequently being offered overtime. If the little account that I do for Deborah’s came in at this point, It would be extremely tough for me to squeeze it into my schedule. Please let me know what if there is anything else I need to do. Please let me know if this is acceptable as “written notice” (per contract of Deborah’s) and it looks like if a job comes in within the next 14 days, and you don’t have a quick replacement for me, I will somehow manage to get that done (the contract says to give 14 day notice), so please just let me know if that is needed. I am so glad I took Deborah’s course, and I really am grateful for the chance to work for her for this time. Thanks so much,

Shirley R.

Dear Deborah, I am grateful to you for starting Tami in the medical transcription field. She has been employed for one year and has maintained a monthly accuracy rate of 99.7%. I hope to talk with you soon.

Lynette C.

Hi Deborah, My last day of work is Saturday, July 26, 2008. I intend to devote at least four hours a day to your program. I want to be finished in two months and work for a hospital just two miles away from me. I was a former court reporter and took many doctor witnesses on the stand. I will be in touch with you as I progress on the course subject by subject and tape by tape. I took your class back in October of last year, but due to the fact I was working full time and still producing transcripts for the Court of Appeals, I couldn’t devote much time to the course. But now it has my undivided attention.


Dear Anastasia, I did get the job. I am working for Thomas Transcription and in all honesty I think Dee was pretty shocked I was this well-prepared for an entry level MT job, as she was unfamiliar with Deborah’s course. I am out of QA now (blanks only) and am also working on a work-at-home job for the radiology dept. at the same hospital my husband works at. Thanks for following up!

Winona O.

I want to thank you for all your help, especially in the past couple of weeks. The excellent training I received from you made me confident enough to apply for this position, and your comments regarding [name of facility omitted], your hints about the equipment and proper attire for the interview were so very helpful. I think the interview went very well… I was able to choose part time or full time.