Dani L.

We provide on-going support to our students! Helping Dani obtain another transcription machine is just one of the many services we provide: Thank you so much! I’ve been checking eBay as well. Yes, I’ve been transcribing for a private practice since 2007…I’ve loved transcription and it is always interesting!

Edita N.

You absolutely know your business and the field, and I gained invaluable insights as to how it all functions in this electronic age.

Erin W.

I first took interest in Deborah’s course because I wanted a job where I could work from home. I heard her speak at a homeschool convention and decided to give it a try. It took me two years to complete the course, going at my own, comfortable pace. The course was very thorough and easy to follow. Even though I wasn’t very sure of myself after finishing the course and looking for work, Deborah and her assistant Anastasia were very helpful, supportive and encouraging! Not too long after completing the course, I was able to start working on two small accounts through Deborah. After I was comfortable with those, I took on a larger account and am very happy with it! Deborah’s “Medical Transcription A to Z” course has been a great way for me to learn a career that I will be happy doing for a very long time!

Patty D. (The Processed Word)

I purchased Deborah’s home study course back in 1993. I am proud to say that after 19 years, I still have my medical transcription business (and even some of my original accounts!) and have done very well with this business over the years. I can never thank Deborah enough for offering this course and how it changed my life – giving me the ability to work out of my home and earn a very decent living. I would highly recommend anyone considering this line of work to study under Deborah. She is a true professional who follows trends in the business and sets her students up for success. Thank you Deborah.

Wendy D.

Wow Deborah! First, I can’t thank you enough for your timely reply. I think what impresses me the most about your company and program is that I get to communicate directly with you, and you answer my questions specifically and completely.

Darlene M.

Hi Deborah, I came across the web site today and just had to drop a note from an alumni of the program! I took your course back in 1996. Yes…that long ago! I am still working in the business. So many claimed it to be a dying industry…just simply not true! It is a changing industry that still needs our expertise as medical word specialists. I am celebrating 16 years, starting as an MT transcribing clinic work and now as an MT/ME editing in speech recognition platforms as well as transcribing all levels of acute care. I think back to how anxious I was when I was about to take the final test of the course and where I am now with how much knowledge and experience I have gained. I love what I do and have never been out of work no matter what the economy has done. I have been able to be here for my family through the years working from home and can’t even imagine how much that has saved me in gas, especially with recent gas prices! If I had to choose one of the many things that sets your course apart from the others–the …

Jessica F.

I would like to tell you how much I appreciated your presentation yesterday. I can see that you have created quite a successful business for yourself and it is generous of you to share your experience and knowledge which may help many to accomplish the building of a business in medical transcription. The other women that I talked to after the workshop were impressed as well. We exchanged contact information with the hope that we might be supportive of one another.

[Name Confidential]

Thank you so much for your informative reply. Just prior to receiving your email, I sent an email to the office manager whom I deal with on a regular basis. I explained to her that the reason the hospital was getting such a lower rate, if indeed they were, was because they were probably using a company who farmed out the work and it was probably being done by a hourly worker overseas. I also went into great depth about all the “perk” services that I perform for them at no charge because the doctor was such a good client and the that the rate I charged was well in line with transcription prices in the area, the same explanation that I gave the “bookkeeper” when I spoke with him initially. She advised me that she was going to speak with him. She immediately called me back and apologized up and down for his call and proceeded to give me an explanation. Apparently, this “bookkeeper” is, in actuality, a CFO of the corporation that is taking over the doctors office, hospital, etc. and during the takeover stage, they have to account for and explain every penny they spend. He was …

Edita N.

“You absolutely know your business and the field, and I gained invaluable insights as to how it all functions in this electronic age.”