Debbie O. (New Mexico)

Hi, Anastasia! Wow!! Thank you for such a prompt and comprehensive response! I really appreciate your time and expertise! I think you’ve helped me make my decision – I’ll take your advice and go with GP. Thank you again for your help and advice! Have a great weekend!

Hannah R.

Hello! The A to Z medical transcription course provided me with very good foundational knowledge and necessary tools to help me start on this career path! Deborah and her team were very attentive and helpful during the whole duration I was learning from them. I did the 2-year course in one year, and it was flexible to my own schedule. I am currently working in medical transcription, remotely, from the comfort of my own home! Very pleased and thankful I was able to take this course.

Carrie C.

I am glad that a friend of mine referred me to A to Z Medical Transcription Training when I expressed interest in the field. I found the course to be rigorous and thorough, and I appreciated the flexibility of being able to work at my own pace on my schedule. Deborah and her staff have always been professional, prompt, and helpful in responding to my questions and giving feedback on my work. I trust them and value their assistance in helping me to find work after I completed the course. I recommend A to Z Medical Transcription Training to anyone who enjoys the challenge of learning. This course prepared me well, and I also appreciate the continued, individualized support offered.

Rhonda S.

I must say the first word that comes to mind when thinking of my experience with the Medical Transcription A to Z course is grateful.  It prepared me for the very successful 22-year career that I have enjoyed thus far, and that is continuing today.  After I finished the course I was fortunate enough to begin working for Deborah, and over the next few years I was able to develop my own client base.  The training I received from A to Z enabled me to be confident and proficient in so many different specialties, I attribute my success to the foundation I obtained from this course.  Deborah and her staff have made themselves available to me through all these years for questions, guidance, and advice, even long after I completed the course.  I would recommend without hesitation the Medical Transcription A to Z course to anyone seeking to embark upon a path of medical transcription. Many, many heartfelt thanks . . .

J. Jones

Taking the A to Z course was one of the best decisions I have made in terms of a career path. The course gave me all the necessary tools to become a successful medical transcriptionist for the last 11 years. I have transcribed for over 17 areas of medicine since I started typing and was promoted to QA manager because of the knowledge I started out with through the A to Z course and the knowledge gained throughout the years.  Thanks so much for creating this course for those of us looking for a long term career!

H. Yoder

I am happy to recommend the Medical Transcription A to Z course to anyone interested in becoming a medical transcriptionist. This course is very thorough in teaching the terminology of many different medical fields. It teaches its concepts in a way that is not hard to grasp. The staff behind the course is very helpful and they give you a wide time frame in which to complete the course so you can work it around your own schedule. It gives you a lot of hands-on practice and leaves you well prepared for the job of medical transcription. This course is a very good option for anyone who wants to learn medical transcription and I cannot recommend it enough.

M. Kassera

Dear Prospective Medical Transcription Student, The Medical Transcription A to Z course was the perfect course for me!  I was able to study and do actual transcription from many different disciplines of medicine on my own computer, at my own pace, and whenever I wanted.  I also really liked that they actually hired me to work for them once I had passed the course! I am so grateful to Deborah for her support and encouragement during the time that I was studying and for giving me the opportunity to work for her from home when I was finished. I would highly recommend the A to Z course.  It will definitely prepare you for the challenging, interesting, and rewarding career of medical transcription. Sincerely,

T. Hanagan

I purchased the Medical Transcription from A to Z course approximately one year ago.  I met Deborah at a homeschool convention and was able to talk with her in person and ask her all of my questions.  My husband and I had decided that I needed to start working from home again as we had one child in college and two more graduating the following year.  We knew we needed supplemental income to afford college tuition.   I had previously worked in the medical transcription field when my children were very young – about 17 years ago – and I knew that I needed a refresher course and recent experience in order to be hired.    Deborah’s course seemed like the perfect solution for me to relearn all the medical terminology and have the hands-on actual dictation practice in multiple specialties that would enable me to get back to work in the field. I found A to Z to be extremely beneficial and thorough.  It does exactly what it promises in preparing someone to be able to enter in this line of work.   I especially appreciated the exposure to so many different specialties so that I felt prepared for any type …

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