From one of our MTs who completed the A to Z course in 2019:

I’ve really settled in and am much more comfortable with the work.  In my experience, other more experienced transcriptionists are more than happy to offer advice and answer questions … a very friendly bunch!  And the head of the medical records department at the clinic whom we address all our questions to and who checks our work is very happy with our work AND working with Deborah’s Touch (and I’ve seen so many compliments online for D’s Touch and how professional they are to work with).  They are encouraging, honest, and generous with kind gestures that you’ll just have to wait to experience until you begin working with them!

Emily H.

This letter is in reference to the A to Z Medical Transcription course. I started this course in July of 2019 and completed the course in January 2020. It is my opinion that this course is very thorough in introducing the transcriptionist to the field of Medical Transcription and preparing this person for employment in the field following completion of the program. The amount of anatomical terminology as well as transcription practice available is very thorough, offering hours of practice with various dictators and specialties. I felt prepared and ready to begin a career in the transcription field following successful completion of this program. Deborah was very helpful throughout the process, very kind and courteous with questions, and encouraging in not only completing the course, but also in finding employment following completion. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to become independent in employment as a medical transcriptionist.

Pam W. (MN)

To Prospective Students of the Medical Transcription A to Z course: I am a recent graduate of the course and already working in a wonderful position with one of Deborah Burns’ clients. That alone is qualification enough, but there is so much more to recommend about this course and its creator. Medical Transcription A to Z is designed very simply and the process is easy to follow – yet the content is challenging, thorough, and all that you need to prepare you for a satisfying career in medical transcription. You can do the course at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home, two criteria that for many of us are not just desirable but also absolutely necessary. The first part of the course is an intensive study in root words and medical terminology and even some training in anatomy and physiology so you can more thoroughly understand what you will be transcribing. There is also some fairly extensive coverage of pharmacology as well as information about various medical specialties. The second part of the course provides many hours of actual dictation that you will transcribe and turn in to be reviewed. This is invaluable! Not only …

Kim M.

Hi, Deborah. I took your transcription course 21 years ago and have been self-employed as an MT ever since! I am looking for an independent contractor to help with transcription for a hematology/oncology office. As I know firsthand that your course is wonderful and produces excellent transcriptionists, would it be possible to share the job posting on your FB page? I appreciate your consideration.

Gayle R.

Hi! I want to thank you so very much for the recommendations. Debbie and Valerie both worked with me on a rather large project with a nasty quick turn-around time. They were wonderful! Their work was correct and sent very quickly! Thank you for your help. *Note from us: We network with many transcription service owners like Gayle and frequently have the opportunity to refer students to them for projects and regular work.

Debbie G.

I discovered Deborah’s Medical Transcription A to Z course quite unexpectedly at our local homeschool convention. I don’t usually attend “vendor” workshops at the convention, but this one caught my eye as I had a bit of transcription experience years ago before becoming a stay-at-home mom and I was nearing the end of our family’s homeschool journey and contemplating what I would do when my last child graduated. I really had no desire to return to the grind of working outside the home. Medical transcription appealed to me for several reasons: 1) I liked the idea of working from home part-time with a flexible schedule that I could choose, 2) I’m a decent speller and enjoy learning the meanings of words, 3) it’s portable and requires very little equipment (as long as I have Wi-Fi available for downloads and uploads, I can bring my work with me in a backpack wherever I go), 4) the course was affordable and start-up costs were minimal, and 5) I had Deborah’s assurance that if I completed and passed the course, she would act as my representative to find jobs and continue to provide ongoing support with any help I need. Honestly, I was …

Debbie O. (New Mexico)

Hi, Anastasia! Wow!! Thank you for such a prompt and comprehensive response! I really appreciate your time and expertise! I think you’ve helped me make my decision – I’ll take your advice and go with GP. Thank you again for your help and advice! Have a great weekend!

Hannah R.

Hello! The A to Z medical transcription course provided me with very good foundational knowledge and necessary tools to help me start on this career path! Deborah and her team were very attentive and helpful during the whole duration I was learning from them. I did the 2-year course in one year, and it was flexible to my own schedule. I am currently working in medical transcription, remotely, from the comfort of my own home! Very pleased and thankful I was able to take this course.

Carrie C.

I am glad that a friend of mine referred me to A to Z Medical Transcription Training when I expressed interest in the field. I found the course to be rigorous and thorough, and I appreciated the flexibility of being able to work at my own pace on my schedule. Deborah and her staff have always been professional, prompt, and helpful in responding to my questions and giving feedback on my work. I trust them and value their assistance in helping me to find work after I completed the course. I recommend A to Z Medical Transcription Training to anyone who enjoys the challenge of learning. This course prepared me well, and I also appreciate the continued, individualized support offered.