Jennifer C.

As a past student of the Medical Transcription A to Z course, I highly recommend this course to the future MT. Medical Transcription A to Z leads the student in a logical progression from the basics of medical terminology to in-depth practice in transcription, covering the spectrum of medical specialties. Medical Transcription A to Z is a well-designed program offering personalized assistance and at-the-ready staff support to aid the student throughout the process. With Medical Transcription A to Z you can be assured of becoming a professional, confident, in-demand MT! Jennifer C. October 2017 Jennifer is one of our most recent graduates. She works for us part time in addition to working for her own client.  

S. Flamm

About 20 years ago I was looking for a job where I could stay home with my children and raise them while I worked at home, and I came across Deborah’s Touch which was a medical transcription company where they would teach me and then they would help place me into a job. What made me choose Deborah’s Touch is that they actually let you work for them after graduating and you are not left out there to go find a job on your own with no actual experience. So I signed up for the course and spent about 1 to 2 years at my own pace training, studying, practicing, and learning to become a medical transcriptionist. After graduating, they immediately had me working for a few different companies. The training was very thorough in all the different medical specialties and prepared me for what it was going to be like being a medical transcriptionist, and I knew I had chosen the right career and the right training. It is now over 20 years later, my children are now adults, and I am still working at home as a medical transcription and still love what I do. I highly recommend …

Laura R.

I’ve been wanting to get my own MT business going for years (been working for transcription companies since 2005). Just wanted to say that your Work at Home as a Medical Transcriptionist audio set is THE best thing I’ve ever run across. It is answering absolutely all of my questions about the business and is eliminating any doubt I may have had which has been holding me back all these years from taking this step. So thank you so much!


Deborah I had the pleasure of talking to K last night. She emailed me back when I asked some questions and asked me to call her. We spent over an hour on the phone talking about the business. I was very thankful that she got in touch with me, and thankful to you for the references. K really helped me to see the potential of what being a Medical Transcriptionist can bring to my life, and she shared how it has worked well in her life. One of the best things I enjoyed about talking to K is her passion for what she does. She really enjoys her career and enjoys the freedom it has given her. I knew this not only by what she was telling me but also by her tone, which was that of excitement. K also said very wonderful things about you and how I am very fortunate to have come across you and your program. That was very nice to hear and made me feel a lot better about having come across your program. I have not made my final decision, but I am thinking very hard about it. There is a lot for me …

Jay (Arizona)

Hi Debbie. I wanted to tell you about a very interesting coincidence. When I saw the name “Deborah’s Touch,” it jogged something in my memory. I mentioned it to my wife, and we realized why it was familiar. C and I were married in 1991. She was working as a paralegal at the time. However, sometime prior to 1991 she had thought that she didn’t want to work in the legal field forever, so she looked for some other career field in which to train and pursue at some point. As it turned out, she did take training in another field but did not end up pursuing it until around 1997 or 1998. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the field she chose was medical transcription, and the training course she took was yours. Her name was CG back then, not that I would expect you to remember her. In any case, within a year or so after she began transcribing for a local service here in Yuma, she had an opportunity to acquire the accounts from the woman who was retiring from the business. It was during that same period of time that I became interested in transcription and began …

Heather V.

Dear Prospective Transcriptionist, The Medical Transcription A to Z course was just the solution for so many problems for me. I was in need of a steady career that I could do from home, but also something with the flexibility to be able to fit into my busy schedule. As a homeschooling mother of five children, I needed something that I could study and train for all from the comfort of my own home, in the little bits of spare time that I had here and there. This course is done entirely from your own computer and on your own schedule – you set your own hours and your own timetable for completion, which makes it perfect for a busy parent like me. I was able to set the speed that I was comfortable with, which made me feel like I was optimizing my study time and retaining of the material. The second part of the course provides ample practice with the actual art of transcribing. I was exposed to numerous different medical specialties so that I was able to develop a level of comfort with each, which prepared me greatly for actual employment in the transcription field. I am …

Debbie S.

Along the MyMT journey, this lady has been amazingly supportive to me – she has sent little goodies to me in the mail, contributed in a large way to MyMT, and provided me with a CD and workbook about how to set up your own transcription business. I have never pursued the latter because I am stretched wide already, but I often imagine I might find a small gig somewhere, and if and when I do, I will definitely use Deborah as my go-to person. Deborah’s business is a combination of this training, as well as she sub-contracts with MTs in an MTSO way. I did do some work on one of her accounts for a brief time, a catch-up situation. The account proved to allow me to make about $24/hour. It was a clinic situation where they had gotten behind for months. Two of us worked to catch them up over a month’s time. My take away from Deborah is that if you love this work and want to do it, you CAN find your niche out there; it probably has to do with separating from the mainstream chaos and figuring out how to find that spot for yourself. …

Karen W. (Pennsylvania)

I have been thoroughly enjoying my study of your program, which I purchased after hearing you at a homeschool convention. I am doing it at my own pace while homeschooling the 6 children my husband and I are blessed with…You and your staff are so wonderful about responding quickly and effectively to our questions. Thank you!

Terri J. (Louisiana)

Morning Deborah! I may surprise you with this email, but I am writing you this morning to see if you would know of anyone that you could recommend that would be interested in some part time work doing some transcription work for me. That’s right! I am looking for someone who would like to do work as an independent contractor doing some part-time work, making about $400-500 a month, transcribing for me. My business is booming and I have already hired one part time transcriber and the workload is expanding and I have more work that I can handle. It is amazing! The turnaround in only a year boggles my mind. Please let me know if you have anyone in mind that might be interested and also let me know the best way to put feelers out to find qualified people to work for me. I have never had to do this before (I never thought I would have to!!!) Thanks for everything you have done for me and for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Teresa H.

I am interested in your school because of one of your oldest students, Andrea M., recommended you as the best and she has been successful with no regrets. To me that is the best advertisement!