L. Edwards

Having completed a medical transcription program in college back in 2000, I can certainly appreciate the attention to detail that defines the Medical Transcription A to Z Program.  Medicine is a vast and ever-changing field and jumping back into it after almost 20 years was like starting all over again.  I felt thoroughly grounded in the material that covered even the minutiae of different specialties, and I especially liked the fact that Deborah included practical ways of searching for information online.  In addition to this, being able to ask any question of her or Anastasia directly and getting a personal, prompt response kept me from feeling like I was on my own with any particular point that was troubling me, which can be a problem with online learning.   What I loved most about it, though, was the ability to work at my own pace.  Having had days when I was able to sit down with it for hours, and other days when life made it challenging to sit down for even 15 minutes, I was never concerned about being able to complete the work in the time frame given.  Being connected with a job almost before completion of the program …

A. Toyer

I would highly recommend Medical Transcription from A to Z.  The course is very well-designed, and it gave me both familiarity with medical terminology and valuable experience with most medical specialties.  After the course, I felt highly prepared to begin work as a medical transcriptionist.  The guarantee of being hired by Deborah’s Touch after successfully completing the course gave me the security I needed to embark on learning this new career.  I am currently working as a transcriptionist through Deborah’s Touch, and am thankful for the confidence that my training through Medical Transcription from A to Z has given me.

B. Thomas

Originally posted on our exhibit page for The Homeschooling Expo. I am not one that just hands out 5 stars, but for me The Medical Transcription Service really is. The program is truly self guided but I also get all the support I need. I have been in the medical field a long time and the curriculum is very in depth and will help even those not familiar with medical terms to be successful.

H. Smith

Originally posted on our exhibit at The Homeschooling Expo. Since my children are grown and we have completed homeschooling, I was looking for a flexible job that would be interesting and provide a valuable service. The A to Z Medical Transcription course was the answer. I am currently working through the second part of the course. Deborah and her staff are always available to promptly answer questions and support me through the program. I am encouraged as I gain new skills and improve them, as well as inspired and motivated to pursue excellence. I would highly recommend this program!


Good morning Deborah, I attended your webinar Saturday and I wish I had found your company earlier. I just completed an MT course through US Career Institute and at the end of it I got a certificate and that was that. What you stated in your webinar about the experience is true. I am seeing many jobs, but all with the caveat of needing experience.

Cindy K.

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter in recommendation of the Medical Transcription A to Z course.  I decided to take Deborah’s course after viewing her free webinar, in which she offered a substantial discount for the course.  I had been searching for a job that I could work from home around my schedule of homeschooling my children.  This course seemed to be what I was looking for. I took approximately a year to complete the course, and found it to be very thorough and challenging.  Upon completion of the course, I was offered a position with a medical transcription company immediately.  I have been working for only a few weeks so far.  I feel that the Medical Transcription A to Z course has prepared me excellently for this transition.

From a Client

Deborah’s Touch has been such a tremendous help over the past several months. I can’t believe our working relationship is nearing one year (in December).  We absolutely love working with [our transcriptionists] on a daily basis.

Annie S.

(Originally posted to our Facebook Page: The Medical Transcription Service)  I knew I recognized you! I took your course 25 years ago and have been working as a transcriptionist ever since!

A former student

I have to constantly pinch myself that I work with such a thoughtful little bunch. I love my job and still have to pinch myself to believe that it started with timidly but curiously attending one homeschool conference workshop! I’m so glad you came to Albuquerque that year. Thank you!