Ica N.

To Whom It May Concern:

As a graduate of the program, I highly recommend “Medical Transcription A to Z.” 

This comprehensive program prepared me for work in the field of medical transcription by allowing me to experience what the work is truly like.  The program is challenging, but not overwhelming, and Deborah is always available to answer questions and give advice.  I was able to complete it at the pace that worked for me, with support from experienced professionals and guidance from individuals actively working in the field.  On completion of the program, I was immediately offered a job with Deborah’s Touch, Inc., providing me with an opportunity to put my training to work.

When I relocated, a few years ago, it was important that I find a way to supplement our family’s income.  As a homeschool mom, it was also important that I be able to work from home and that I be able to complete my training on a schedule that worked for our family.  “Medical Transcription A to Z” provided me with that opportunity.  I was able to complete the training on our family’s schedule, from home, without being forced to take time away from what I was already doing.

Since completing the program, I have been working for Deborah’s Touch, Inc.  They have provided me with opportunities to use the skills I learned through “Medical Transcription A to Z” to supplement my family’s income.  I am a confident professional and I love what I do!

Ica N., Medical Transcriptionist