Jamie B.

I had been checking out the Medical Transcription A to Z course for a few years.  I am a homeschool mom and a rancher’s wife, so was looking for something that I could still do from home.  I finally ordered the course and jumped right in.  Between setting too lofty of a goal when I wanted to finish, my computer breaking down somewhere in the middle of the course, and the busyness of raising a family, I became discouraged more than once.  I started reaching out for help in the second half of the course, and Deborah was more than willing to help with my many questions and also encourage me.  I persevered, and am so glad I did, as it was such a good challenge for me in so many ways.  I was also provided with job opportunities right away, so that was a blessing.  I am currently just a few months into my new transcription work and really enjoy it.

If you are looking for a self-paced and challenging course that has you prepared for a medical transcription job, this course is for you!