L. Edwards

Having completed a medical transcription program in college back in 2000, I can certainly appreciate the attention to detail that defines the Medical Transcription A to Z Program.  Medicine is a vast and ever-changing field and jumping back into it after almost 20 years was like starting all over again.  I felt thoroughly grounded in the material that covered even the minutiae of different specialties, and I especially liked the fact that Deborah included practical ways of searching for information online.  In addition to this, being able to ask any question of her or Anastasia directly and getting a personal, prompt response kept me from feeling like I was on my own with any particular point that was troubling me, which can be a problem with online learning.   What I loved most about it, though, was the ability to work at my own pace.  Having had days when I was able to sit down with it for hours, and other days when life made it challenging to sit down for even 15 minutes, I was never concerned about being able to complete the work in the time frame given.  Being connected with a job almost before completion of the program was an amazing bonus!  With the cheerful email newsletters from Anastasia and the Medical Transcription A to Z online Study/Discussion Group that keeps the students connected to one another for support as well, this program is definitely the way to go!  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a quality career in medical transcription.