Pam W. (MN)

To Prospective Students of the Medical Transcription A to Z course:

I am a recent graduate of the course and already working in a wonderful position with one of Deborah Burns’ clients. That alone is qualification enough, but there is so much more to recommend about this course and its creator.

Medical Transcription A to Z is designed very simply and the process is easy to follow – yet the content is challenging, thorough, and all that you need to prepare you for a satisfying career in medical transcription. You can do the course at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home, two criteria that for many of us are not just desirable but also absolutely necessary.

The first part of the course is an intensive study in root words and medical terminology and even some training in anatomy and physiology so you can more thoroughly understand what you will be transcribing. There is also some fairly extensive coverage of pharmacology as well as information about various medical specialties.

The second part of the course provides many hours of actual dictation that you will transcribe and turn in to be reviewed. This is invaluable! Not only does it give you the actual experience you will need to be successful, but it also enables you to declare participation in an internship that provided the hands-on experience you may need to find work. This work is fun, interesting, challenging, and will remind you why you wanted to become a medical transcriptionist.

The final step is an oral spelling test with Ms. Burns. I cannot say enough about her kindness, support, and encouragement all through the course and during the oral test. The staff at Deborah’s Touch are thoughtful and responsive and show that they truly care about medical transcription and your personal success.

I highly recommend the Medical Transcription A to Z course to anyone who is serious about working as a medical transcriptionist!