Debbie G.

I discovered Deborah’s Medical Transcription A to Z course quite unexpectedly at our local homeschool convention. I don’t usually attend “vendor” workshops at the convention, but this one caught my eye as I had a bit of transcription experience years ago before becoming a stay-at-home mom and I was nearing the end of our family’s homeschool journey and contemplating what I would do when my last child graduated. I really had no desire to return to the grind of working outside the home. Medical transcription appealed to me for several reasons: 1) I liked the idea of working from home part-time with a flexible schedule that I could choose, 2) I’m a decent speller and enjoy learning the meanings of words, 3) it’s portable and requires very little equipment (as long as I have Wi-Fi available for downloads and uploads, I can bring my work with me in a backpack wherever I go), 4) the course was affordable and start-up costs were minimal, and 5) I had Deborah’s assurance that if I completed and passed the course, she would act as my representative to find jobs and continue to provide ongoing support with any help I need.

Honestly, I was a bit leery of purchasing a course with the idea of working from home when I finished, because I knew there were so many work-from-home scams out there. But I’m so glad I did and actually followed through to complete the course. I was able to work through it at my own pace; it took me about a year and a half to complete, but could be done in much less time if life doesn’t get in the way! A to Z was interesting and jam-packed with tons of real medical transcription practice, including doctors with accents and a wide range of specialties. And Deborah was very accessible and quick to answer any questions I had by email or phone — and very encouraging. A few months after I completed and passed the course, Deborah contacted me with a small temporary job that I felt comfortable with. When there was a mix-up on the providers side in sending payment, she was gracious enough to send me a check with no guarantee of receiving her due payment as my representative. Deborah’s office manager, Anastasia, is also a great communicator and so personable. She’s been extremely helpful and encouraging to work with on the business side. Medical Transcription A to Z has opened up job opportunities to me that have provided the supplemental income I desire along with a flexible schedule that I choose. It has been a true blessing.