Rhonda S.

I must say the first word that comes to mind when thinking of my experience with the Medical Transcription A to Z course is grateful.  It prepared me for the very successful 22-year career that I have enjoyed thus far, and that is continuing today.  After I finished the course I was fortunate enough to begin working for Deborah, and over the next few years I was able to develop my own client base.  The training I received from A to Z enabled me to be confident and proficient in so many different specialties, I attribute my success to the foundation I obtained from this course.  Deborah and her staff have made themselves available to me through all these years for questions, guidance, and advice, even long after I completed the course.  I would recommend without hesitation the Medical Transcription A to Z course to anyone seeking to embark upon a path of medical transcription.

Many, many heartfelt thanks . . .

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