T. Hanagan

I purchased the Medical Transcription from A to Z course approximately one year ago.  I met Deborah at a homeschool convention and was able to talk with her in person and ask her all of my questions.  My husband and I had decided that I needed to start working from home again as we had one child in college and two more graduating the following year.  We knew we needed supplemental income to afford college tuition.   I had previously worked in the medical transcription field when my children were very young – about 17 years ago – and I knew that I needed a refresher course and recent experience in order to be hired.    Deborah’s course seemed like the perfect solution for me to relearn all the medical terminology and have the hands-on actual dictation practice in multiple specialties that would enable me to get back to work in the field.

I found A to Z to be extremely beneficial and thorough.  It does exactly what it promises in preparing someone to be able to enter in this line of work.   I especially appreciated the exposure to so many different specialties so that I felt prepared for any type of job that would come up.  The most important aspect to me was the guarantee of a job with Deborah’s company upon satisfactory completion of the course.   Without that guarantee, I probably would have been afraid to purchase the course without any assurance of employment at the end of it.

I worked diligently on the course and was able to complete it over the summer.  Throughout the course, Deborah was always very accessible and promptly answered any question that I would e-mail to her.  A few months after completing the course, I was offered a job through Deborah’s company that is a perfect fit for me, allowing me to work part-time from home and also continue to homeschool four of my children.   The course did a great job of preparing me to enter right into this account and have a good working knowledge of the terms and medications that are needed.   I have also been pleased with the hourly rate that I’ve been able to make.

Deborah and her office manager, Anastasia, have been delightful to work with and very supportive of me personally.  I feel that coming across Deborah and her A to Z course was the answer to our prayers for at-home employment that pays well and can be done part-time around my schedule.   I would definitely recommend this course!