I had the pleasure of talking to K last night. She emailed me back when I asked some questions and asked me to call her. We spent over an hour on the phone talking about the business.

I was very thankful that she got in touch with me, and thankful to you for the references. K really helped me to see the potential of what being a Medical Transcriptionist can bring to my life, and she shared how it has worked well in her life.

One of the best things I enjoyed about talking to K is her passion for what she does. She really enjoys her career and enjoys the freedom it has given her. I knew this not only by what she was telling me but also by her tone, which was that of excitement.

K also said very wonderful things about you and how I am very fortunate to have come across you and your program. That was very nice to hear and made me feel a lot better about having come across your program.

I have not made my final decision, but I am thinking very hard about it. There is a lot for me to consider right now, but talking to K really helped.

Hope you have a great day!