Jay (Arizona)

Hi Debbie.

I wanted to tell you about a very interesting coincidence. When I saw the name “Deborah’s Touch,” it jogged something in my memory. I mentioned it to my wife, and we realized why it was familiar. C and I were married in 1991. She was working as a paralegal at the time. However, sometime prior to 1991 she had thought that she didn’t want to work in the legal field forever, so she looked for some other career field in which to train and pursue at some point. As it turned out, she did take training in another field but did not end up pursuing it until around 1997 or 1998. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the field she chose was medical transcription, and the training course she took was yours. Her name was CG back then, not that I would expect you to remember her. In any case, within a year or so after she began transcribing for a local service here in Yuma, she had an opportunity to acquire the accounts from the woman who was retiring from the business. It was during that same period of time that I became interested in transcription and began working with C at night after my regular job. By the time she was offered the chance to operate her own service, I had become more and more proficient and involved in the field. So around 1999 I quit my “day job” and we went into the MT business together. It’s a decision we’ve never regretted. We’ve been able to support ourselves and four children and have the flexibility that comes from working from home. I eventually got involved with AAMT/AHDI, and that decision has taken me places and opened up opportunities I would never have imagined. As of September 1 of this year I completed my tenure as President of AHDI, which is something I’ll always consider one of the highlights of my career. I’m now working as Vice President of Operations for WahlScribe, a new MT service which I had the opportunity to build from the ground up the way I believe an MT service should be run. We’ve been in operation a little over 6 months now, and so far the company’s growth and revenue have significantly exceeded the owners’ expectations. I can truthfully say I’m at what is probably the most satisfying place I’ve ever been in my career. C is still working as much as she wants to, and we have a son and two daughters-in-law who are all working in the field mostly full-time.

I said all that to make the point that even though you haven’t been aware of it all this time, you actually were largely responsible for helping start C and me on what has been a very fulfilling and rewarding career path. I’m glad that through an unlikely series of events our paths have crossed again after so long a time, which has given me the opportunity to say “Thank you!” for the part you’ve played in our lives. I’m sure there are many other success stories from people you’ve helped over the years, which is a wonderful legacy indeed!

I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks again for everything!