Debbie S.

Along the MyMT journey, this lady has been amazingly supportive to me – she has sent little goodies to me in the mail, contributed in a large way to MyMT, and provided me with a CD and workbook about how to set up your own transcription business. I have never pursued the latter because I am stretched wide already, but I often imagine I might find a small gig somewhere, and if and when I do, I will definitely use Deborah as my go-to person.

Deborah’s business is a combination of this training, as well as she sub-contracts with MTs in an MTSO way. I did do some work on one of her accounts for a brief time, a catch-up situation. The account proved to allow me to make about $24/hour. It was a clinic situation where they had gotten behind for months. Two of us worked to catch them up over a month’s time. My take away from Deborah is that if you love this work and want to do it, you CAN find your niche out there; it probably has to do with separating from the mainstream chaos and figuring out how to find that spot for yourself. I think Deborah is passionate about helping people do that. She’s just a darn nice and caring lady!