Terri J. (Louisiana)

Morning Deborah!

I may surprise you with this email, but I am writing you this morning to see if you would know of anyone that you could recommend that would be interested in some part time work doing some transcription work for me. That’s right! I am looking for someone who would like to do work as an independent contractor doing some part-time work, making about $400-500 a month, transcribing for me. My business is booming and I have already hired one part time transcriber and the workload is expanding and I have more work that I can handle. It is amazing! The turnaround in only a year boggles my mind. Please let me know if you have anyone in mind that might be interested and also let me know the best way to put feelers out to find qualified people to work for me. I have never had to do this before (I never thought I would have to!!!) Thanks for everything you have done for me and for giving me this wonderful opportunity.