Darlene M.

Hi Deborah,

I came across the web site today and just had to drop a note from an alumni of the program! I took your course back in 1996. Yes…that long ago! I am still working in the business. So many claimed it to be a dying industry…just simply not true! It is a changing industry that still needs our expertise as medical word specialists. I am celebrating 16 years, starting as an MT transcribing clinic work and now as an MT/ME editing in speech recognition platforms as well as transcribing all levels of acute care.

I think back to how anxious I was when I was about to take the final test of the course and where I am now with how much knowledge and experience I have gained. I love what I do and have never been out of work no matter what the economy has done. I have been able to be here for my family through the years working from home and can’t even imagine how much that has saved me in gas, especially with recent gas prices!

If I had to choose one of the many things that sets your course apart from the others–the guaranteed experience you provide that opens the door and enables you to find that first job. Just wanted you to know it all began with your course and the story is ongoing! Hope you are doing well and continue to wish you the very best.