[Name Confidential]

Thank you so much for your informative reply.

Just prior to receiving your email, I sent an email to the office manager whom I deal with on a regular basis. I explained to her that the reason the hospital was getting such a lower rate, if indeed they were, was because they were probably using a company who farmed out the work and it was probably being done by a hourly worker overseas. I also went into great depth about all the “perk” services that I perform for them at no charge because the doctor was such a good client and the that the rate I charged was well in line with transcription prices in the area, the same explanation that I gave the “bookkeeper” when I spoke with him initially. She advised me that she was going to speak with him. She immediately called me back and apologized up and down for his call and proceeded to give me an explanation.

Apparently, this “bookkeeper” is, in actuality, a CFO of the corporation that is taking over the doctors office, hospital, etc. and during the takeover stage, they have to account for and explain every penny they spend. He was not only her boss but the doctor’s boss as well, as the doctor is now an employee of the corporation. He told the office manager to apologize to me and advise me that in the near future the hospital would like to be able to call on me to do some of their future work!!! She really didn’t seem to want to talk about it when I advised her of possible HIPAA compliancy issues with farming out their work overseas and changed the subject but it is apparent to me that I either called his bluff or he realizes that I may have put up a red flag and there may be a problem with their work being sent out. Possibly the offer of hospital work was to keep me happy, however, I have still spoken to several people about the practice.

To make things even better, I received a conference call yesterday from the office manager and the doctor who told me that they had good news. The corporation told him that he would be able to make a choice and still dictate the way he does in addition to the EMR process. He told me that he advised them that he would continue to dictate in the same manner that he has been since I have been doing his work. Nothing is going to change. Apparently, they are somewhat happy with the job that I am doing!!

So here I am, happy as a clam and not missing a beat! Thanks again for all of your advice. Keep it up!!