Neecee B.

Oh, FYI — I answered a radio ad and went to an informational meeting about MT job opportunities, just for curiosity’s sake. They went thru a big speil about how in demand the jobs are and how much money you could make. It was very uplifting and exciting for me. When they got down to selling you the program, it was outrageous! They were giving a “discount” for signing up that night, $100 off. You had to use a credit card and you had to sign up for at least 3 sessions worth of programs. See, they took every section you have in your program and made it into one “session”, i.e. the human body/ bones/nerves/muscles, each a section. So you could pay as you go, purchase as much as you wanted, and put it all on credit…Sounds pretty good, right? Till you hear that each session cost $500 each! Wow! I flipped. Can’t remember the name of the company but I realized that I really got a great deal with your program. So, thanks again for that!