Isabelle S.

Dear Anastasia,

I really enjoyed working for Deborah’s Agency. I need to go ahead and terminate the contract at this point, as I am just working so much with the other agency that I am also with. They have just added another client to my main work source. I am frequently being offered overtime. If the little account that I do for Deborah’s came in at this point, It would be extremely tough for me to squeeze it into my schedule. Please let me know what if there is anything else I need to do. Please let me know if this is acceptable as “written notice” (per contract of Deborah’s) and it looks like if a job comes in within the next 14 days, and you don’t have a quick replacement for me, I will somehow manage to get that done (the contract says to give 14 day notice), so please just let me know if that is needed. I am so glad I took Deborah’s course, and I really am grateful for the chance to work for her for this time.

Thanks so much,