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Transcription Services

Are you a physician looking for medical transcription services? We provide top quality medical transcription for Healthcare Providers.


Thinking about starting your own home-based medical transcription business?
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Learn medical transcription quickly, simply and successfully with our step-by-step program
Medical Transcription A to Z


Our course is now offered to colleges as a continuing education program. If you are a continuing education program director, read more info here.

What others say about us!

Anne Galvi, M.C., General Surgery

I enjoy working with Deborah and her staff at The Agency. They have provided quality transcription service to me for over four years. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend their service to other physicians. Anne Galvi, M.C., General Surgery
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Harold Reeder, D.O., Family Practice

I have watched The Agency grow from a 'one-man' operation to one of the larger medical services in Arizona. They are known for their standard of expertise in the transcription industry. I wish them the best in their endeavor to provide education for future medical transcriptionists. Harold Reeder, D.O., Family Practice
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Amy M.

Just want to thank you for what you do! I’ve been doing medical transcription from my home for the last 17 years. In September, I unexpectedly lost my job when the company I worked for lost the account I was on. I applied to over 60 different MTSOs. I started with 2 other companies, but saw a company on your page that sounded perfect for me. I applied and have been working for the company...
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Jennifer C.

As a past student of the Medical Transcription A to Z course, I highly recommend this course to the future MT. Medical Transcription A to Z leads the student in a logical progression from the basics of medical terminology to in-depth practice in transcription, covering the spectrum of medical specialties. Medical Transcription A to Z is a well-designed program offering personalized assistance and at-the-ready staff support to aid the student throughout the process. With Medical...
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A. Toyer

I would highly recommend Medical Transcription from A to Z.  The course...
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B. Thomas

Originally posted on our exhibit page for The Homeschooling Expo. I am...
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H. Smith

Originally posted on our exhibit at The Homeschooling Expo. Since my children...
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Good morning Deborah, I attended your webinar Saturday and I wish I...
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Cindy K.

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter in recommendation...
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From a Client

Deborah's Touch has been such a tremendous help over the past several...
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Annie S.

(Originally posted to our Facebook Page: The Medical Transcription Service)  I knew...
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A former student

I have to constantly pinch myself that I work with such a...
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