Here is what some of our workshop attendees have to say.

I have found this to be such an informative, richly rewarding and satisfying course to have have laid out such a profoundly versatile and comprehensive basis for gaining a strong starting platform which to build a more solid working knowledge in the field of medical support through transcription. Thank you so much for this totally professional undertaking.

Billie M.

You covered everything I wanted and more. Thanks!


Dear Deborah,

Thank you for such an interesting seminar. It was the fastest 3 hours I've spent in a classroom ever. You are very interesting and would be a great mentor!


The workshop was very entertaining and informative; the three hours flew by in no time at all.

Joan F.

Your seminar on Saturday was fantastic! I learned so much and am very excited . . On a quirky note, I just had to tell you something very funny that happened Saturday. On our first break, I went outside called my husband and told him this is the perfect career for me and said, jokingly of course, that I was going into work on Monday and say "I QUIT". The first thing out of your mouth after the break was "don't quit your day job just yet". I had to giggle.

Phoenix, AZ

Dear Deborah,

I attended your medical transcription class tonight at CCSN and I enjoyed every minute of it. I just wanted to take a break (I'm in the middle of transcribing two psychological evaluations :) ) and tell you that your efforts to help us transcriptionists who hope to own a business one day is GREATLY appreciated! You're a wonderful instructor and a very funny person. I enjoyed your stories and the workbook you've put together is gold! You've really motivated me to continue in the world of transcription and have provided a great starting place!

Thanks again!
Joel R.

Dear Ms. Burns,

Thank you for providing me with the tools to facilitate my becoming a medical transcriptionist at the Los Angeles Learning Annex last weekend. Your depth of knowledge, experience, and insight inspire confidence and enthusiasm for the challenging journey ahead, while at the same time enabling its completion through practical details and monitoring of progress. I'm grateful to be under the tutelage of such a gifted human being. Thank you again.

Kimberly K.
Idyllwild, CA

Deborah is always fun to listen to; she is witty and very lighthearted. She knows her information because she has lived it.

Lori W.
Phoenix, AZ

Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed your class in Rochester, New York on Tuesday night. I can tell you honestly that it's one of the few times in my many and varied learning experiences that a class such as this delivered all that I hoped for and more...

Sue O.
Rochester, NY