Are you searching for the right training program, but confused by the choices available? Beware of inadequate courses that don't contain essential ingredients.Without internship and work experience, it's like buying a house without a roof.

A good program must include the following features:

Proven Results

Many programs go out of business within the first five years and students are left without any resources. Our program is the only one that has a proven track record for over 30 years. None other has the longevity and results of ′Medical Transcription A to Z.′

How do you know this program is the best? It′s used in colleges, through workforce development programs and community education.

Superb References

References from former students should cover an extended time period, from many years ago up until the present. You should be able to obtain a wide variety of locations and ages and dozens of people you can speak with who are now successful. Our program has more outstanding students – who now own large businesses – than any other.

Read our references

Complete Flexibility

You are busy. You don′t want to be locked into classes. Most medical transcriptionists work at home, so home-study provides a unique tool to help you develop the necessary skills for managing your time.

Many other programs have a set time limit for completion. One well-known group requires students to complete their program in less than a year and if they take longer, to pay a quarterly fee! We receive calls from students in other programs who have invested a lot of time and money, then had a personal emergency that required them to drop out and lose their investment.

Our program is different. You can start and stop at any time. If a personal situation arises and you must set the program aside for a time, you have that flexibility. However, it is important to finish the training program within three years. After three years, the transcription portion of your program will be significantly outdated and you’ll need to purchase an updated version to complete successfully.

What you need to know, without Unnecessary Requirements

Many programs require that a student take biology or socio-economic issues or extended word processing functions or business English or other courses that simply are unnecessary

Some on-site courses place you in a generic medical terminology class that contains a variety of healthcare professionals. Those terminology classes are not geared for medical transcription. The perspective of what an MT must know is vastly different than other professionals. We must concentrate on spelling and a very brief knowledge of definitions. Medical terminology should be geared towards basic words, but also the more advanced terms, such as names of sutures or slang terms that are used in dictation. And yet most programs do not include this vital information.

Interaction with an Experienced MT & Unlimited Support

You need and deserve one-on-one support with an experienced MT. You don′t want impersonal service or to be bounced around to different staff members. You want personalized attention from someone who is reliable, knowledgeable and has been teaching for years. You want the same individual, constant access, and detailed replies.

Our program is taught by Deborah Burns, the owner of the company. She has been a medical transcriptionist since 1985. She will be your mentor and guide you through the program. She provides a quality of support that is unparalleled. In fact, the most common accolade that we receive is glowing reports about the excellent service, support, explanations and easy access. Deborah pours herself into helping students become successful.

A Price not too Expensive (or too cheap)

Most programs that contain all of the essential ingredients cost at least $2500. Ours is the only program that contains unlimited support and is still reasonably-priced. Beware of those that are priced so low that they cannot include what you need. Anyone can provide limited dictation and a few worksheets, but what about the quality? Internship and mentorship are vital. We take care of you!

A Huge Amount of Hands-on Transcription

There′s a huge amount of transcription on each one of these CDs. Here are some samples of some transcription and complex terminology: Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3

Every Major Specialty, with Various Styles and Dictators

Our program includes a huge amount of diverse dictation. It covers all of the major specialties, but with an emphasis in the tougher disciplines, such as surgery, radiology and acute care. For instance, when we started our program 30 years ago, rheumatology wasn't a busy specialty. Now it's one of our highest volume clients. Our program includes a huge amount of rheumatology so that you are well-versed in everything you need to know to become competent and successful. We include docs with accents and the dictators are genuine healthcare professionals.

CDs You Can Keep

This is surprisingly important. If you want to hire someone to help you with your work, you need a method of screening for expertise. You cannot use your client′s work or dictation to screen a potential employee. Our CDs are incredibly useful for your future success.

Constantly Updated Dictation

Every year, throughout the year, we add updated information, new dictators and a variety of additions that keep the course fresh and vital. The docs and P.A.s who dictate for us are all qualified, experienced providers. We have most recently included complex cardiology procedures and increased our neurology dictation from 90 minutes to 120.

To sample some of our latest transcription, click here.


There is no way to obtain work in the field of medical transcription unless you have hands-on work experience directly in the field of medical transcription. While a medical background or experience in another healthcare venue is helpful, it is vitally necessary that you have had actual experience working within a nationally-recognized service and can obtain a letter of reference to use when either operating your own business or working on-site. The only way to obtain an internship is through a training program that provides an internship with a service, such as ours. Otherwise, there is no way to get work experience.

We are an actual medical transcription service. This gives you something special that most other programs cannot. You have access to a solid, reputable transcription organization. Therefore, our program can provide you with actual experience through the dictation from our docs and clients.


You need a buddy, not only while going through the program, but also once you′ve completed it. This is integral for success. Don′t be fooled by programs that don′t include this ingredient.

Deborah Burns not only helps you through the program, but also once you′ve completed it. She knows exactly what it takes to become an excellent MT, since she is one of the veterans of this field and continually teaches workshops on starting and operating this business. She is an experienced public speaker and has taught over 500 workshops. She serves as a consultant to other training programs. She knows how to best help you start your own business. She is your personal mentor.