Harold Reeder"I have watched The Agency grow from a 'one-man' operation to one of the larger medical services in Arizona. They are known for their standard of expertise in the transcription industry. I wish them the best in their endeavor to provide education for future medical transcriptionists."
Harold Reeder, D.O., Family Practice

"I enjoy working with Deborah and her staff at The Agency. They have provided quality transcription service to me for over four years. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend their service to other physicians."
Anne Galvi, M.C., General Surgery


As you will see from the following notes, we support our students, not only while going through the A to Z program, but once they've completed it. You receive unlimited mentorship and support. Since we are an actual medical transcription service, we can provide you with practical information about the business aspect of MT. We offer the very best, on-going, long-term support of any other training program.

October 2017

Jennifer is one of our most recent graduates. She works for us part time in addition to working for her own client.

As a past student of the Medical Transcription A to Z course, I highly recommend this course to the future MT.

Medical Transcription A to Z leads the student in a logical progression from the basics of medical terminology to in-depth practice in transcription, covering the spectrum of medical specialties.

Medical Transcription A to Z is a well-designed program offering personalized assistance and at-the-ready staff support to aid the student throughout the process.

With Medical Transcription A to Z you can be assured of becoming a professional, confident, in-demand MT!

Jennifer C

May 2017

I've been wanting to get my own MT business going for years (been working for transcription companies since 2005). Just wanted to say that your Work at Home as a Medical Transcriptionist audio set is THE best thing I've ever run across. It is answering absolutely all of my questions about the business and is eliminating any doubt I may have had which has been holding me back all these years from taking this step. So thank you so much!

Laura R

April 2017


I had the pleasure of talking to K last night. She emailed me back when I asked some questions and asked me to call her. We spent over an hour on the phone talking about the business.

I was very thankful that she got in touch with me, and thankful to you for the references. K really helped me to see the potential of what being a Medical Transcriptionist can bring to my life, and she shared how it has worked well in her life.

One of the best things I enjoyed about talking to K is her passion for what she does. She really enjoys her career and enjoys the freedom it has given her. I knew this not only by what she was telling me but also by her tone, which was that of excitement.

K also said very wonderful things about you and how I am very fortunate to have come across you and your program. That was very nice to hear and made me feel a lot better about having come across your program.

I have not made my final decision, but I am thinking very hard about it. There is a lot for me to consider right now, but talking to K really helped.

Hope you have a great day!


November 2016

Hi Debbie.

I wanted to tell you about a very interesting coincidence. When I saw the name "Deborah's Touch," it jogged something in my memory. I mentioned it to my wife, and we realized why it was familiar. C and I were married in 1991. She was working as a paralegal at the time. However, sometime prior to 1991 she had thought that she didn't want to work in the legal field forever, so she looked for some other career field in which to train and pursue at some point. As it turned out, she did take training in another field but did not end up pursuing it until around 1997 or 1998. As I'm sure you've guessed, the field she chose was medical transcription, and the training course she took was yours. Her name was CG back then, not that I would expect you to remember her. In any case, within a year or so after she began transcribing for a local service here in Yuma, she had an opportunity to acquire the accounts from the woman who was retiring from the business. It was during that same period of time that I became interested in transcription and began working with C at night after my regular job. By the time she was offered the chance to operate her own service, I had become more and more proficient and involved in the field. So around 1999 I quit my "day job" and we went into the MT business together. It's a decision we've never regretted. We've been able to support ourselves and four children and have the flexibility that comes from working from home. I eventually got involved with AAMT/AHDI, and that decision has taken me places and opened up opportunities I would never have imagined. As of September 1 of this year I completed my tenure as President of AHDI, which is something I'll always consider one of the highlights of my career. I'm now working as Vice President of Operations for WahlScribe, a new MT service which I had the opportunity to build from the ground up the way I believe an MT service should be run. We've been in operation a little over 6 months now, and so far the company's growth and revenue have significantly exceeded the owners' expectations. I can truthfully say I'm at what is probably the most satisfying place I've ever been in my career. C is still working as much as she wants to, and we have a son and two daughters-in-law who are all working in the field mostly full-time.

I said all that to make the point that even though you haven't been aware of it all this time, you actually were largely responsible for helping start C and me on what has been a very fulfilling and rewarding career path. I'm glad that through an unlikely series of events our paths have crossed again after so long a time, which has given me the opportunity to say "Thank you!" for the part you've played in our lives. I'm sure there are many other success stories from people you've helped over the years, which is a wonderful legacy indeed!

I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks again for everything!


October 2016

Dear Prospective Transcriptionist,

The Medical Transcription A to Z course was just the solution for so many problems for me. I was in need of a steady career that I could do from home, but also something with the flexibility to be able to fit into my busy schedule. As a homeschooling mother of five children, I needed something that I could study and train for all from the comfort of my own home, in the little bits of spare time that I had here and there.

This course is done entirely from your own computer and on your own schedule – you set your own hours and your own timetable for completion, which makes it perfect for a busy parent like me. I was able to set the speed that I was comfortable with, which made me feel like I was optimizing my study time and retaining of the material.

The second part of the course provides ample practice with the actual art of transcribing. I was exposed to numerous different medical specialties so that I was able to develop a level of comfort with each, which prepared me greatly for actual employment in the transcription field.

I am proud to say that I am now working as a paid medical transcriptionist. This course was exactly what I needed to prepare me for this employment. Now, I have a career that I can do from home and with my busy schedule, and I was able to do all necessary training the same way – at home and with a busy schedule. I would recommend this course to anyone else looking for an interesting career they can train for from home, and eventually work from home.

Warm regards,
Heather V

September 2016

About 20 years ago I was looking for a job where I could stay home with my children and raise them while I worked at home, and I came across Deborah’s Touch which was a medical transcription company where they would teach me and then they would help place me into a job. What made me choose Deborah’s Touch is that they actually let you work for them after graduating and you are not left out there to go find a job on your own with no actual experience.

So I signed up for the course and spent about 1 to 2 years at my own pace training, studying, practicing, and learning to become a medical transcriptionist. After graduating, they immediately had me working for a few different companies. The training was very thorough in all the different medical specialties and prepared me for what it was going to be like being a medical transcriptionist, and I knew I had chosen the right career and the right training.

It is now over 20 years later, my children are now adults, and I am still working at home as a medical transcription and still love what I do. I highly recommend Deborah’s Touch for great schooling and placement after graduation.

S. Flamm

September 2016

Along the MyMT journey, this lady has been amazingly supportive to me - she has sent little goodies to me in the mail, contributed in a large way to MyMT, and provided me with a CD and workbook about how to set up your own transcription business. I have never pursued the latter because I am stretched wide already, but I often imagine I might find a small gig somewhere, and if and when I do, I will definitely use Deborah as my go-to person.

Deborah's business is a combination of this training, as well as she sub-contracts with MTs in an MTSO way. I did do some work on one of her accounts for a brief time, a catch-up situation. The account proved to allow me to make about $24/hour. It was a clinic situation where they had gotten behind for months. Two of us worked to catch them up over a month's time. My take away from Deborah is that if you love this work and want to do it, you CAN find your niche out there; it probably has to do with separating from the mainstream chaos and figuring out how to find that spot for yourself. I think Deborah is passionate about helping people do that. She's just a darn nice and caring lady!

Debbie S.

September 2016

About 20 years ago I was looking for a job where I could stay home with my children and raise them while I worked at home, and I came across Deborah’s Touch which was a medical transcription company where they would teach me and then they would help place me into a job. What made me choose Deborah’s Touch is that they actually let you work for them after graduating and you are not left out there to go find a job on your own with no actual experience.

So I signed up for the course and spent about 1 to 2 years at my own pace training, studying, practicing, and learning to become a medical transcriptionist. After graduating, they immediately had me working for a few different companies. The training was very thorough in all the different medical specialties and prepared me for what it was going to be like being a medical transcriptionist, and I knew I had chosen the right career and the right training.

It is now over 20 years later, my children are now adults, and I am still working at home as a medical transcription and still love what I do. I highly recommend Deborah’s Touch for great schooling and placement after graduation.

S. Flamm

March 2016

I have been thoroughly enjoying my study of your program, which I purchased after hearing you at a homeschool convention. I am doing it at my own pace while homeschooling the 6 children my husband and I are blessed with...You and your staff are so wonderful about responding quickly and effectively to our questions. Thank you!

Karen W.

August 2015

Morning Deborah!

I may surprise you with this email, but I am writing you this morning to see if you would know of anyone that you could recommend that would be interested in some part time work doing some transcription work for me. That's right! I am looking for someone who would like to do work as an independent contractor doing some part-time work, making about $400-500 a month, transcribing for me. My business is booming and I have already hired one part time transcriber and the workload is expanding and I have more work that I can handle. It is amazing! The turnaround in only a year boggles my mind. Please let me know if you have anyone in mind that might be interested and also let me know the best way to put feelers out to find qualified people to work for me. I have never had to do this before (I never thought I would have to!!!) Thanks for everything you have done for me and for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Terri J.

March 2013

I am interested in your school because of one of your oldest students, Andrea Mahoney, recommended you as the best and she has been successful with no regrets. To me that is the best advertisement!

Teresa H

February 2013

We provide on-going support to our students! Helping Dani obtain another transcription machine is just one of the many services we provide:

Thank you so much! I've been checking eBay as well. Yes, I've been transcribing for a private practice since 2007...I've loved transcription and it is always interesting!

Dani L

February 2013

You absolutely know your business and the field, and I gained invaluable insights as to how it all functions in this electronic age.

Edita N

January 2013

I purchased Deborah's home study course back in 1993. I am proud to say that after 19 years, I still have my medical transcription business (and even some of my original accounts!) and have done very well with this business over the years. I can never thank Deborah enough for offering this course and how it changed my life - giving me the ability to work out of my home and earn a very decent living. I would highly recommend anyone considering this line of work to study under Deborah. She is a true professional who follows trends in the business and sets her students up for success. Thank you Deborah.

Patty D
The Processed Word

January 2013

I first took interest in Deborah's course because I wanted a job where I could work from home. I heard her speak at a homeschool convention and decided to give it a try. It took me two years to complete the course, going at my own, comfortable pace. The course was very thorough and easy to follow.

Even though I wasn't very sure of myself after finishing the course and looking for work, Deborah and her assistant Anastasia were very helpful, supportive and encouraging! Not too long after completing the course, I was able to start working on two small accounts through Deborah. After I was comfortable with those, I took on a larger account and am very happy with it! Deborah's "Medical Transcription A to Z" course has been a great way for me to learn a career that I will be happy doing for a very long time!

Erin W

November 2012

Wow Deborah! First, I can't thank you enough for your timely reply. I think what impresses me the most about your company and program is that I get to communicate directly with you, and you answer my questions specifically and completely.

Wendy D

October 20, 2012
Hi Deborah,

I came across the web site today and just had to drop a note from an alumni of the program! I took your course back in 1996. Yes...that long ago! I am still working in the business. So many claimed it to be a dying industry...just simply not true! It is a changing industry that still needs our expertise as medical word specialists. I am celebrating 16 years, starting as an MT transcribing clinic work and now as an MT/ME editing in speech recognition platforms as well as transcribing all levels of acute care.

I think back to how anxious I was when I was about to take the final test of the course and where I am now with how much knowledge and experience I have gained. I love what I do and have never been out of work no matter what the economy has done. I have been able to be here for my family through the years working from home and can't even imagine how much that has saved me in gas, especially with recent gas prices!

If I had to choose one of the many things that sets your course apart from the others--the guaranteed experience you provide that opens the door and enables you to find that first job. Just wanted you to know it all began with your course and the story is ongoing! Hope you are doing well and continue to wish you the very best.

Darlene M

June 2012

I would like to tell you how much I appreciated your presentation yesterday. I can see that you have created quite a successful business for yourself and it is generous of you to share your experience and knowledge which may help many to accomplish the building of a business in medical transcription. The other women that I talked to after the workshop were impressed as well. We exchanged contact information with the hope that we might be supportive of one another.

Jessica F

May 2012

Thank you so much for your informative reply.

Just prior to receiving your email, I sent an email to the office manager whom I deal with on a regular basis. I explained to her that the reason the hospital was getting such a lower rate, if indeed they were, was because they were probably using a company who farmed out the work and it was probably being done by a hourly worker overseas. I also went into great depth about all the "perk" services that I perform for them at no charge because the doctor was such a good client and the that the rate I charged was well in line with transcription prices in the area, the same explanation that I gave the "bookkeeper" when I spoke with him initially. She advised me that she was going to speak with him. She immediately called me back and apologized up and down for his call and proceeded to give me an explanation.

Apparently, this "bookkeeper" is, in actuality, a CFO of the corporation that is taking over the doctors office, hospital, etc. and during the takeover stage, they have to account for and explain every penny they spend. He was not only her boss but the doctor's boss as well, as the doctor is now an employee of the corporation. He told the office manager to apologize to me and advise me that in the near future the hospital would like to be able to call on me to do some of their future work!!! She really didn't seem to want to talk about it when I advised her of possible HIPAA compliancy issues with farming out their work overseas and changed the subject but it is apparent to me that I either called his bluff or he realizes that I may have put up a red flag and there may be a problem with their work being sent out. Possibly the offer of hospital work was to keep me happy, however, I have still spoken to several people about the practice.

To make things even better, I received a conference call yesterday from the office manager and the doctor who told me that they had good news. The corporation told him that he would be able to make a choice and still dictate the way he does in addition to the EMR process. He told me that he advised them that he would continue to dictate in the same manner that he has been since I have been doing his work. Nothing is going to change. Apparently, they are somewhat happy with the job that I am doing!!

So here I am, happy as a clam and not missing a beat! Thanks again for all of your advice. Keep it up!!

[name confidential]

March 2012

"Excellent instructor. You deliver so well."

Joanne G

February 2012

"You absolutely know your business and the field, and I gained invaluable insights as to how it all functions in this electronic age."

Edita N

February 2012

"I greatly appreciate all the help and encouragement I've received from you and Anastasia. When I just couldn't get past certain words (or mumblings), you were always there to help me. That's one reason I recommend your program so highly."
*Note: We hired Donna immediately upon completion of the program.

Donna A

February 2012
Hi Deborah!

I have my first client - a small local doctor's office. Perfect for me!

Janice B

August 2011

I completed your medical transcription program almost a year ago, and after taking a break I'm now starting my own business. My first potential client is a medium-sized practice; they use a old system with Micro or Mini-Micro tapes (I'm not sure which type) and are looking to change over to a new system (possibly digital or at least a better system but they don't want to transfer tapes electronically - it would be a system where I'd drop off transcription and pick up tapes).

Rachel R

July 2011

Well Debbie, I'm still at it 7 years later. Been a busy girl. These days I'm still doing acute care but my niche is op reports and have I been doing them by the gazillions. Heart transplants, craniotomies, etc. I love them... There's a certain drive, determination and persistence that goes along with doing this job. Self discipline too. Have moved from Wyoming to Tennessee (weather is better and gosh is it beautiful here, a year and a half ago) and love it!! Been working for the same company now for about 4 years....Hope all is well with you. Think of you often and am grateful for all the help you provided. I am now at the point where jobs are coming to me........thanks to all these years.

Elise K

May 2011

Hello, I'm working on formatting my transcribed work (JOY) to submit to you soon. I spoke with someone today who transcribes locally. I explained my interest, asked her a few questions and she asked if I would work when she vacations!! She uses microtapes. Would I need a tape player that will accept my foot pedal? Whatever I need, I'll get it!

A. Thompson

February 2011

It was a pleasure to take your Medical Transcription seminar. I was thoroughly impressed with your knowledge, preparedness, professionalism, and humility. I just ordered your course materials, and I look forward to learning from an expert like you!

I plan to become active in the MT field in about 2 1/2 years, when my youngest starts school, so I will have plenty of time to learn the lingo before then! I am looking forward to a lasting relationship with you and your firm.

Dianne M.
Philadelphia, PA

January 2011

I met a woman last night who asked me about medical transcription. I told her about your program, which I can recommend highly. She said she would be in Phoenix in a couple of weeks and would like to drop in, introduce herself, and talk to you about the program. Is it okay to give her your phone number?

J. Choich

Dear Deborah,

I have some good news and some perhaps not so good news. I have just accepted a position with a national company... and I was able to be considered per the ability to pass some difficult testing in lieu of their usual requirement of five years of experience. The good news, then, is that my internship training with you prepared me to be able to do very well! The bad news is, of course, that I will need to return Dr. [name omitted] account to you. I feel sad about that in that it has been great working with him. He and his staff have been wonderful. I know, however, that this will be a great account for someone else to have.

Thank you,

July 2010

I have only been in your programm for about 3 weeks and I am already learning so much. I graduated from a medical transcription program in October 2009... I have a diploma that is only a piece of paper and does not do me any good. Thank you for the opportunity to learn.

Lynn T.

July 2010
Hi Deborah.

I purchased your Transcription A-Z program about 12 years ago and have been working as a medical transcriptionist for the past 11 1/2 years. I referred my friend Debra to you and she just purchased your program on 06/28/10. She told me that you told her that if I e-mailed you about it, I would get a referral fee. Thank you!

Kim M.

July 2010

Oh, FYI -- I answered a radio ad and went to an informational meeting about MT job opportunities, just for curiosity's sake. They went thru a big speil about how in demand the jobs are and how much money you could make. It was very uplifting and exciting for me. When they got down to selling you the program, it was outrageous! They were giving a "discount" for signing up that night, $100 off. You had to use a credit card and you had to sign up for at least 3 sessions worth of programs. See, they took every section you have in your program and made it into one "session", i.e. the human body/ bones/nerves/muscles, each a section. So you could pay as you go, purchase as much as you wanted, and put it all on credit...Sounds pretty good, right? Till you hear that each session cost $500 each! Wow! I flipped. Can't remember the name of the company but I realized that I really got a great deal with your program. So, thanks again for that!

Neecee B.

May 2010

Thanks so much for everything you have done for me. You have really changed my life and given me so much with this great career.

Terri J.

February 12 2009
Good Morning Deborah,

I attended your seminar at Lake Junior High last night and found it very interesting and informative.

I am currently attending D______ County Technical College for Medical Transcription, and am really enjoying the courses. I'm in my second semester and will have completed 14 of the 39 credits necessary for my diploma when this semester ends. I was a bit surprised about not being able to get a job as an MT, without 2 years experience.

I'm very anxious to start on my new career as a Medical Transcriptionist, but am now concerned about not being able to get a job for 2 years. I plan on working for at least another 10 years, but also know that I will not be able to get by for 2 years just on my pension. You had mentioned last night about certain training that you recommend and also about doing an internship with your company. I am very interested in getting information on what would be required to get an internship with your company.

Thank you for your time.
Lynn P.

Thank you for your e-mail. It's great to hear from you.

I understand your dilemma and I'm afraid it's quite common. The only way to obtain an internship and work experience is through your medical transcription training program. If they do not provide that, you will not be able to work in this field.

The internship with my company is through "Medical Transcription A to Z" and is not offered independently.

Please check with your current curriculum to ensure that you are receiving all of the vital ingredients I addressed in class.

Best wishes!

January 2009
Hi Debra,

I just wanted to thank you for motivating me at an informational session you had at Delaware County Community College in Pennsylvania a couple of years ago. After the informational night, I purchased your course and worked on it for a long time in between my family's and work schedules. I decided to retire this past June after 24 years doing the same job. I was hired at our local hospital in November as a part-time employee working for 2 doctors, who have 30 in-patients who come in for evaluation. I had very little trouble transcribing because of all the resources, books, etc. that were part of your course.

Thanks again.
Joan H.

Dear Anastasia,

I really enjoyed working for Deborah's Agency. I need to go ahead and terminate the contract at this point, as I am just working so much with the other agency that I am also with. They have just added another client to my main work source. I am frequently being offered overtime. If the little account that I do for Deborah's came in at this point, It would be extremely tough for me to squeeze it into my schedule. Please let me know what if there is anything else I need to do. Please let me know if this is acceptable as "written notice" (per contract of Deborah's) and it looks like if a job comes in within the next 14 days, and you don't have a quick replacement for me, I will somehow manage to get that done (the contract says to give 14 day notice), so please just let me know if that is needed. I am so glad I took Deborah's course, and I really am grateful for the chance to work for her for this time.

Thanks so much,
Isabelle S.

Hi Deborah:

I just started a part-time job working for 4 psychiatrists and 2 psychologists as their medical transcriptionist.

Lynette C. AZ

October 3, 2008
Dear Deborah,

I am grateful to you for starting Tami in the medical transcription field. She has been employed for one year and has maintained a monthly accuracy rate of 99.7%. I hope to talk with you soon.

Shirley R.

Hi Deborah,

My last day of work is Saturday, July 26, 2008. I intend to devote at least four hours a day to your program. I want to be finished in two months and work for a hospital just two miles away from me. I was a former court reporter and took many doctor witnesses on the stand. I will be in touch with you as I progress on the course subject by subject and tape by tape.

I took your class back in October of last year, but due to the fact I was working full time and still producing transcripts for the Court of Appeals, I couldn't devote much time to the course. But now it has my undivided attention.

Lynette C.

June 11, 2008
Dear Deborah,

Thank you for handling this matter so quickly and courteously. It says a lot for your company!

Cheryl B.

May 27, 2008
Dear Anastasia,

I did get the job. I am working for Thomas Transcription and in all honesty I think Dee was pretty shocked I was this well-prepared for an entry level MT job, as she was unfamiliar with Deborah's course. I am out of QA now (blanks only) and am also working on a work-at-home job for the radiology dept. at the same hospital my husband works at.

Thanks for following up!

May 2008

I want to thank you for all your help, especially in the past couple of weeks. The excellent training I received from you made me confident enough to apply for this position, and your comments regarding [name of facility omitted], your hints about the equipment and proper attire for the interview were so very helpful.

I think the interview went very well... I was able to choose part time or full time.

Winona O.

March 2008

Dear Deborah:

Here are the kudos I received this week! I also got a call from the Boss today and he said in appreciation of the good work, I am getting a $100.00 bonus with my next paycheck! I am so happy!


March 3, 2008
Hi Julie,

I think you are asking good questions.

I have only been an MT since last August. My girlfriend and I attended Deborah's class at Pima Community College in Tucson as she was interested in working from home. To shorten the story, we both decided to take the course. I completed it in eight months, but it was a very diligent effort as there was a lot to learn. However, Deborah's course is arranged very well, she and her staff offer all the support you will need, and you will learn all you need to know. Additionally, there is much information online. I have a whole list of disease and drug websites bookmarked to check spelling, etc.

I was a CPA until my children were on their own at which time I decided to get out of the corporate rat race and do something else. Finances for me were not an issue and, since I did not have to work, I could concentrate on the MT work (it was definitely intense). I had no medical background (I have a graduate degree in applied economics), but I did not find that a detriment as the course work was pretty complete. However, I do think it is important that you have a good command of English grammar and that you are fundamentally a good speller. For example, knowing when to use "affect" or "effect" means something.

I work from home, but at the moment, only on a part time fill-in basis. When I completed the course, Deborah hired me and I have helped bail out some overloads for other MTs which I have enjoyed and appreciated for the experience. I do not have a permanent doctor.

Your hourly wage depends completely on how fast you can transcribe the dictation as you will be paid by line of typing.

Insofar as choosing Deborah's course, I think it is the best value, period! I know of other courses that average at least three times the cost of Deborah's and I do not think I would have come away any smarter.

I hope I have answered your questions. Please let me know if I can be of any more help.


Deborah Burns provided me with your contact information as I am considering enrolling in the A to Z medical transcription training course.

I'm hoping that you would be able to answer some questions for me via email:

1. How long have you been working as an MT?

2. Why did you choose to pursue MT?

3. What was your background prior to MT and was the program easy to follow/use? (I do not have any prior medical training, so I want to make sure that I can follow the "lingo")

4. Did you look at any other programs? Why did you decide on A to Z?

5. How long did it take you to complete the program?

6. Do you work from home? If so, are you working for yourself or someone else?

7. How did you find your first assignment? Did Deborah's group help you find work and how?

8. How many hours per week do you work? When do you work?

9. Are you enjoying the work and why?

10. What were you making per hour when you started out?

11. What are some of the frustrations that you've run into while working?

I know these are quite a few questions, but I'd appreciate any feedback you can provide.

Thank you!
Julie K

February 27, 2008
Dear Deborah,

Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into the A-Z course; it really shows! I really appreciate not only the thoroughness of the course, but also the fact that I could always call or email with my questions and get helpful answers. You were always so encouraging! I feel well-prepared to take on a medical transcription job after completing this course.

Thanks again - Karen F

If you desire, you may read previous letters.